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Healthy Home Enterprises LLC, a versatile services company operating in Atlanta, Miami, and Orlando, has experienced a remarkable transformation in its business landscape over the past 8 years. Founded by Georgia Tech engineer Mario Ramírez, the company entrusted its entire marketing portfolio, including website development, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and local SEO, to a dedicated marketing team. This case study explores how innovative marketing strategies fueled its expansion and the birth of a successful subsidiary.

Since its foundation, Healthy Home Enterprises LLC has offered a wide range of services, including pest control, termite prevention, wildlife management, and mold remediation, catering to both residential and commercial clients. The company’s initial focus was the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas, with a vision to expand its footprint.

The Challenge

Initially, Healthy Home Enterprises LLC had a modest team of 20 employees and limited geographical reach. The primary challenge was to increase its market presence in new cities and states while simultaneously diversifying its service offerings. The company sought to establish a strong online presence and drive growth through effective digital marketing strategies.

The Solution

Over eight years, our marketing team implemented an integrated approach, combining website optimization, targeted PPC campaigns, and local SEO strategies. This approach was instrumental in launching new service lines and expanding into new markets like Miami and Orlando. Notably, one of the most successful ventures was the establishment of a separate entity specializing in asbestos removal, a direct result of innovative marketing experiments.

We conducted a market and competition analysis to identify search opportunities and created internal pages based on these criteria.

We configured measurement tools to evaluate traffic performance, requested indexing of new pages from Google, and continually improved the site's speed and user experience.

We improved the way customers could find Bold&Grit custom products by doing extensive keyword research and creating better categorization and information architecture.

To help customers find what they were looking for, we created twenty-one landing pages for each of the custom team uniforms services that Bold&Grit offers, including custom gymnastics leotards, custom warm-up suits, custom team uniforms, and more.

We also made it easier for customers to submit web forms to generate leads.

We created metadata and tags for each page and image on the site and wrote SEO-optimized content based on the previously identified keywords.

The entire strategy was based on white hat SEO techniques, an essential guideline for the work we perform at the agency.

The results

The results were transformative

Increase of 167% in organic website traffic.


Website bounce rate


 New words in Google


New organic users


Organic visitors

Expansion Successful

  • Expansion from Atlanta into Miami and Orlando, establishing a robust presence in three key cities.
  • The creation of a highly successful business line, now operating as an independent company.
  • A substantial increase in workforce, growing from 20 to over 180 employees.

These achievements highlight the effectiveness of tailored digital marketing strategies in driving business growth, geographical expansion, and workforce development.

Healthy Home Enterprises LLC's journey

Healthy Home Enterprises LLC’s journey from a local service provider in Atlanta to a multi-city enterprise exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing. The company’s success in expanding its service offerings, launching a successful subsidiary, and multiplying its workforce demonstrates the potential of well-executed marketing plans to facilitate substantial business growth.

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