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ROI ROOM has an experienced team of video advertising experts who focus on Youtube ad videos, retargeted videos and all things visual. These campaigns are built to grab attention and boost sales.

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YouTube ad series is one of the best ways to ensure your video content is found/located by your target audience. However, advertising through YouTube is quite different compared to a paid social or PPC campaign. Due to the number of options YouTube platform provides, a solid foundation of knowledge is required before you dive in.diving into YouTube ads.

While the basic PPC advertising methods offer impressive opportunities for marketers, video advertising goes above and beyond – providing your brand with the best possible demand generation openings. No matter where you are in your campaign, there’s a great chance video strategies  will boost your marketing efforts.


We privilege superior management and continual optimization. This helps us maximize your video advertising results dramatically . We know that video advertising goes beyond ad buys, and we highlight this uniqueness by improving results and targeting your ad campaigns through:





User Behaviors

Interest targeting

Keyword targeting

YouTube targeting

Contextual targeting

When you partner with ROI ROOM, you’ll have your video ads customized based on your specific audiences and outreach methods in which you’re trying to reach them. We can optimize your video to fit a range of ad types such as mobile video, sidebar, display ads, customized text ads, or retargeted videos.

Get all the visibility and brand awareness you’ve been looking for, while promoting your content through our YouTube advertising services. This is one of the best ways to generate views and brand recognition at a lower cost. By including YouTube ads channels in your repertoire , you’ll also be generating a more organic Pay-Per-Click and content marketing strategy. Connect with one of our video advertising experts Today!

Interested? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we hope will help you access further information about our YouTube advertising services:

Our team of professionals has experience working for a wide-range of B2B and B2C businesses. This level of experience makes us confident that we can do the job you want and need done. We also have energetic surplus to tackle creative projects that other businesses just can’t.. This combination of knowledge, varied experience and confidence, and is what distinguishes using customizing ROI video advertising campaigns with efficacy, efficiency and simplicity.

The use of social media and video are now main sources of news and information for online audiences. As one of the most powerful and successful marketing tools for businesses, YouTube matches engaging video content with Google indexing, to offer increased views and engineered links for amplified web traffic.

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