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We make sure that the paid advertising accounts we manage have a well-defined structure and therefore allow us to have more control of the budget, target market, for a higher return on investment. We are data-driven but also aware that exponential growth is creative-by-design. The result: not all of our decisions are solely based on numbers! Let us inspire you!.

Building a foundation

The most strategic aspect of a Google Ads/PPC account is its well-defined structure. Here, highlights of a Well-Defined Ads/PPC Account Structure follows:

Relevance is key to any successful user experience, and often leads to a higher conversion rate, and ROI. Since relevance affects the keywords quality score, it could impact the cost per click, up to 600%. For example, if a keyword has a quality score of 1/10 could cost you up to 600% more than if it had a 10/10 quality score.


Goal-intent is key, the higher the relevance the better the results on Google Ads.

● Quality scores
● Cost per click
● Conversion rate

Having a well-defined target market is key to reaching your business and marketing goals. Vital for accomplishing this is knowing your target audience and market well and to know which marketing channels to use to reach them; here we will focus on marketing channels

PPC Management

Our daily monitoring, Pay per Click, leads to continuous rate of improvement focused on the main metrics: Number of leads, cost per leads, return on investment, etc.

  • Expand & refine
  • Proactive strategy
  • Text ad management
  • Remarketing
  • Display advertising

Our PPC strategy is based on in-depth knowledge of the paid advertising channels and platforms

In most cases, extensive knowledge of each channel is required. Its tools, features, and capabilities, makes it possible to choose the right channels to begin with in the first place.

Create your PPC strategy, and design-marketing campaigns based on your business goals and target market.

Create and launch pay per click campaigns using channels: ie..Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, YouTube Ads, etc, depending.

Optimize and adjust paid advertising campaigns to get a higher return on advertising spend.

Having a high return on advertising spend (ROAS) gives you the possibility to grow your business by reinvesting a percentage of your return in a sustainable way.

Advertise and Grow Your Business on

Advertise and Grow Your Business on

What distingues ROI ROOM from other PPC agencies?

Our PPC campaign team offers paid advertising expertise. Because our team is composed of experts who specialize both in B2B and B2C companies of all shapes and sizes. Our varied experience brings forth a unique, resilient and growth-focused mindset that stands out from the rest.

Not only do we provide profitable results, we become a trusted part of your team. Contact one of our PPC pros today to discover what we can do for your business.

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