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Forsyth Exterminating, nestled in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, is a distinguished name in pest control, offering a comprehensive suite of services that include pest control, termite treatment, wildlife control, and more. Facing the dual challenge of optimizing their Google Ads spending and enhancing their local SEO presence, Forsyth Exterminating embarked on a transformative journey to maximize their digital marketing efficacy and operational growth.

Since its inception in 1980, Forsyth Exterminating has evolved from a modest one-man operation to a prominent pest control entity across Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Renowned for their dedication to delivering personal, affordable services, the company has expanded its expertise to cater to a diverse clientele, ensuring homes and businesses remain pest-free.

The Challenge

Prior to our intervention, Forsyth Exterminating grappled with exorbitant Google Ads costs and a lackluster lead generation process. The company’s presence in local search results was not reflecting the quality and scope of their services, resulting in fewer organic inquiries and an over-reliance on paid advertisements.

The Solution

Over the past 7 years, we have revolutionized Forsyth Exterminating’s approach to digital marketing. By meticulously managing their Google Ads, we significantly slashed the cost per lead, enabling a more efficient allocation of their advertising budget. Concurrently, our targeted local SEO strategies propelled Forsyth to the forefront of local search results, driving over 1000 calls per month and markedly enhancing their online visibility and client engagement.

We conducted a market and competition analysis to identify search opportunities and created internal pages based on these criteria.

We configured measurement tools to evaluate traffic performance, requested indexing of new pages from Google, and continually improved the site's speed and user experience.

We improved the way customers could find Bold&Grit custom products by doing extensive keyword research and creating better categorization and information architecture.

To help customers find what they were looking for, we created twenty-one landing pages for each of the custom team uniforms services that Bold&Grit offers, including custom gymnastics leotards, custom warm-up suits, custom team uniforms, and more.

We also made it easier for customers to submit web forms to generate leads.

We created metadata and tags for each page and image on the site and wrote SEO-optimized content based on the previously identified keywords.

The entire strategy was based on white hat SEO techniques, an essential guideline for the work we perform at the agency.

The results

The results of the campaign were impressive:

Increase of 167% in organic website traffic.


Website bounce rate


 New words in Google


New organic users


Organic visitors

Successful recalibration of Forsyth Exterminating's Google Ads and local SEO strategies

The successful recalibration of Forsyth Exterminating’s Google Ads and local SEO strategies stands as a testament to the power of targeted digital marketing. The company has not only achieved substantial savings and improved lead generation but has also laid a robust foundation for sustained growth and market leadership. With ongoing adjustments and innovations, Forsyth Exterminating is poised to continue its ascent in the competitive pest control industry.

Increase in Monthly Call Volume:

  • Metric: 1,000 calls per month.
  • Description: This highlights the boost in customer engagement and inquiry volume due to the enhanced local SEO strategy, reflecting increased visibility and reach in local search results.

Decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL):

  • Metric: 300% decrease in the CPL.
  • Description: This significant reduction in the cost per lead indicates more efficient Google Ads spending. It shows that the company is generating more leads at a lower cost, optimizing ad spend and improving return on investment.

Increase in Lead Generation

  • Metric: 400% increase in leads, including submission forms and calls.
  • Description: This metric represents the overall effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy, indicating a substantial rise in potential customers contacting the business and an increase in form submissions on the website. This suggests a broader and more engaged audience reach.

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